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Consumer and Family Engagement

Collectively, our project teams communicate with providers and practitioners regarding the needs of healthcare consumers and their family members and/or representatives. Our staff work to equip consumers and their families with the tools and strategies necessary to enable them to successfully navigate the healthcare system. Across Kansas, healthcare consumers, family members and advocacy organizations actively and fully participate in project design and implementation to ensure that the needs of the consumers we serve are always taken into account. Consumers' and family stories are shared during working sessions, educational events, via newsletters, social media and other communication channels to create momentum for quality improvement activities. Special emphasis is placed on capturing and sharing a diverse set of stories highlighting the impact of disparity issues as they relate to healthcare experience. To ensure materials are of value and user-friendly, healthcare consumers are asked to review and offer input on the content and distribution methods of educational materials developed as part of the various quality improvement projects.

Utilizing evidence-based tools, KFMC provides healthcare professionals the necessary tools and support for improving consumer communication and involving an individual in his or her own care. For more information on how you can become more engaged in your health, contact Tami Sterling.

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